ParaGUI 1.0.4 & project to let

Hi all!

I’ve been struggeling for a couple of years now with this project. I know, I
announced the discontinentation quite often till now ;-/

Good news first:

Let’s have a party, ParaGUI 1.0.4 has been set free. Here’s a rough changelog:

  • fixed a stupid PG_Window bug (buttons not shown correctly)
  • made std:: the default workspace -> removed all std:: prefixes
  • fixed a bug in showing “hidden” child widgets
  • fixed a clipping bug in PG_ColumnItem
  • Win32 (VC++) build fixes for physfs
  • GNU build fixes (test dir), “make distcheck” passes now
  • PG_Widget::SetSizeByText changes (Thanks H.C. )
  • added PG_RadioButton::SetFontColor methods (Thanks H.C. )
  • fixed PG_WidgetList::Remove(All) methods
    (Thanks Ivan Stankovic )
  • new DevC++ workspaces (DevC++ >=
  • fixed a bug in PG_MessageObject::PumpIntoEventQueue(…)
    MOUSEMOTIONEVENT don’t need to be passed to ALL objects
  • added a method to PG_Application to clear and delete the background
    (void DeleteBackground()) (Thanks H.C. )
  • fixed a potential memory leak in PG_Application resulting from changing
    non-scaled backgrounds (Thanks H.C. )
  • added a method to PG_RichEdit to set the default alignment (void
    SetAutoVerticalResize(…)) (Thanks H.C. )
  • added a method to PG_RichEdit to activate / deactivate auto vertical
    resize (void SetAlignment(…)) (Thanks H.C. )
  • SetIcon(const char* filename), SetIcon(SDL_Surface* icon) for
    PG_Window’s title bar (H.C. )
  • another wrapper function for PG_Widget::my_internaldata->quitmodal
    which allows one to set it to false (H.C. )
  • removed unnecessary Redraw() call in PG_RadioButton::SetText(…)
    (H.C. )
  • fixed a bug in the message-pump caused by objects be deleted and
    still having pending messages for it. (Thanks Michael Bartl)
  • Added new fonts. Now using the open Bitstream Vera fonts.
  • convert theme images automatically to screen format (may break things)
  • added new PG_FileArchive::LoadSurface method with an option to
    specify the surface colorkey (Thanks Keith)
  • added PG_Application::FlushEventQueue method
  • merged patch from Steffen Blume
    Select[First,Next,Prev]Item for PG_DropDown
  • fixed several bug in PG_WidgetList
    Thanks Alexander Opitz
  • fixed the layoutloader (child widgets are now shown properly)
  • fixed a bug in the PG_Application::GetWidget template
  • fixed userdata handling in PG_Widget

Wow, all of that has been fixed in 1.0.4 :))
Thanks to all contributing guys out there.

Source tarballs are available at:

A prerequisite for downloading this piece of code is plainly having fun ;))
If you do not agree, please avoid clicking the link above.

Bad news now:

I’ll stop maintenance of the project now (!). Aprox. within the next 5
seconds. I’ve been listening to the major issues on the SDL list concering
GUI’s. I found that nearly everyone out there is impaired to the spirit of
OpenSource software development.

OSS can’t work unidirectional. There must be a equalization of “giving” and
"taking". I can’t see this at the moment. Everyone just want’s to suck in as
much as possible without any will (or maybe knowledge) to give back.

May sound hard. But that’s the plain pure reality.

ParaGUI was (yes, past presence) a startup baloon, and it failed. If there
would have been more response we would have been releasing more code (and
there is, trust me. e.g. really hot STB stuff for some major vendors,
everything working) as OSS. Maybe we’ll do that in the future just to hit
some of the STB guys really hard on the head.

The facts:
Anyone who wants CVS R/W access and administrative rights for the ParaGUI
project ( ) please send an email
to my private email-address.

Replying to this message will be useless because i will unsubscribe all
mailing lists (SDL, ParaGUI, …).


PS: I will move to an unknown island in the carribean sea. I will open a
beach-bar at an unnamed bay somewhere.
If I’m lucky there will be sheep’s.