[patch] Fix for DirectFB YUV memory handling


Since current DirectFB implementation is incomplete for YUV surfaces
(actually causes segmentation faults when trying Lock and use YUV
planar textures) I decided to fix it a bit.
Here’s a patch that should make DirectFB properly support YUV both
packed and planar (3 planes).

(1) Removed SDL_BYTESPERPIXEL at all in favor of DFB_BYTES_PER_PIXEL
(SDLToDFBPixelFormat(fmt)) which does return always proper BPP for
YUVs too, coz SDL_BYTESPERPIXEL returns incorrect values for FOURCCs
(2) Fixed data->pixels allocation for planar YUVs in CreateTexture, it
should allocate 150% more space
(3) Copy other planes for planar YUVs in UpdateTexture
(4) Moved checking if format is supported at all with DirectFB on
CreateTexture at the beginning of the code

Waiting for comments,–
Adam Strzelecki | nanoant.com
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