[PATCH] Pocket PC compatibility


I’ve updated patch for supporting Pocket PC.


  1. Seamless compiling SDL for WinCE
  2. HPC/PPC support
  3. Hardware keys handling in full screen on PPC
  4. Use of MMX/SSE code on x86 platform
  5. SDL_LoadObject API is supported
  6. Even fixed serious bug in SDL_dibvideo.c
    in line "if ( depth == 16 ) {"
    it decreased screen depth on 86 Win32 without any reason.


  1. MS SH3 compiler does not compile SDL due its (compiler’s) internal errors
    (mips is ok).
  2. SDL windows does not have smart minimize button.

get it here:

It contains updated project for EVC3/4 and builded dll/lib for ARM.

I consider it as ready for inclusion in CVS, it works like a charm :)–
Best regards,
Dmitry Yakimov, ISDEF member