Performance expectation on AMD a4 laptop (2015 carizzo chip)

Hi folks,

I’ve got a basic game and it uses 30% CPU even though I halved the collision detection. It runs at 60 fps and uses blit surface. I tried to set up the renderer and textures but for some reason it didn’t work. I also copied tutorial code from and that didn’t work either. No pressure, really. I just wanted to know if it’s possible to make my program use less than 10% CPU on AMD mobile. This CPU isn’t bad for basic things but as soon as I open Visual Studio and click on anything it’s really slow. I don’t want to stress myself by trying to optimise my program unless it’s needed.

I don’t think my program is slow or anything. I could use float coordinates for movement but I won’t go that far just yet. Is it possible to reduce CPU to less than 10% on this laptop or not? My images are smaller than 100x100 px and most of the screen is blank.