Perl script to allow both SDL-1.2 and SDL-1.3 on same computer (windows users don't need this)

This script allows you to have both SDL 1.2 and SDL 1.3 installed.

How to use:

  1. Save to home directory

  2. Compile SDL
    svn checkout
    cd SDL
    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/sdl-1.3
    make install

  3. run script in the directory SDL 1.3 is installed
    cd ~/sdl-1.3
    perl ~/

  4. copy files to /usr/local
    sudo cp -r * /usr/local

To compile a program using SDL 1.3 instead of SDL 1.2, do this:

gcc `pkg-config sdl-1.3 --cflags --libs` -o program source.c

or this:

gcc `sdl-1.3-config --cflags --libs` -o program source.c

or, if using autoconf, add this to /

PKG_CHECK_MODULES([SDL_13], [sdl-1.3 >= 1.3.0])

after which you can use SDL_13_CFLAGS and SDL_13_LIBS in your /

Look here if you need help with pkg-config, autoconf and automake:
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