Perl SDL development

Hi all,

Just landed from a quadrant of Perl…looks fantastic, cheers Sam and the rest.

I’m want to get involved in the Perl bindings, however…

The perl development seems split between two projects, have
the two authors got together yet? great start none the less guys.

The two I have found are referenced in: (an update)

I’m currently toying with the second, seem more comprehensive.
(I’m trying to get it to work with sdl 1.1.3, seems some API changes need tobe
caught up with
(and the Makefile and .c & .xs)), is anyone else out there?

Is it worh having parallel mailing lists for the non C SDL lib development,
seeing as the
non C language bindings will mostly be playing ‘catch-up’ and also have language
domain specific issues to deal with?

All the best