PhysicsFS hits 1.0.0!

(CC’d to the SDL list, since this comes up as a FAQ there when people
ask about file i/o for game developers…)

PhysicsFS, version 1.0.0, is now available. All developers and users are
encouraged to upgrade.

The benefits over 0.1.9 are Doom WAD support, and sanity checks that it
still compiles and builds on all supported targets (most were broken in
0.1.9). This is the first official, really, honest-to-god stable

Unlike previous versions, 1.0.0 is licensed under the zlib license,
which is extremely friendly for commercial, closed source, embedded, and
console developers, in addition to usage in open and GPL’d software.

All the relevent URLs are here:

Thanks to everyone that made this happen over the past 2.5 years! You
know who you are, and I couldn’t possibly list you all here without
bringing the mail servers of the world to their knees from all the
bandwidth consumption. :slight_smile: