Playing a movie in a non-full screen rectangle -possible?

As far as I’m aware, VideoLAN ( has a SDL backend
and plays MPEG-2. It’s also GPL, so you should be able to look at that and
see how they do it…

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Thanks - nice URL. I was hoping not to use OpenGL though, but straight
forward SDL.

As the author on nehe states, its almost impossible to google for info
on playing videos from code - much less details like how to do it
non-full screen.

Just all the codec stuff scares the sh*t out of me, so I have no clue on
where to start on this. So thx for one solution I can fall back upon.

Anyone else? Is there really no one who played around with video


ons, 2003-09-03 kl. 10:15 skrev J Anderson:

Thomas Hentschel Lund wrote:


I would really like to play a mpeg2 movie (could be converted to
anything else if needed) as a part of an application in a rectangle

is not full screen. But I simply cant find any info on how to do this,
and a few feeble n00b attempts to write the code simply fails with


I’ve looked at the smjpeg and smpeg lib and what else I could find on
the sdl page + Google, but all I can find are full screen examples, or
examples that do not run on Windows (the main platform for my app).

So could someone please point me to some example code that shows me

to create a rectangle on a screen and play a movie? I’ll promise to

tons of virtual beer :wink:

Thanks a lot!!!


You could try the avi format, parhaps on an opengl context as in:

Good luck

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