Playing two videos with SMPEG, problem

I am trying to play two videos on separte portions of screen, using SMPEG_move()
call. I have found that the video which gets played the first plays fine,
but the later one flickers like anything. Has anyone run into this problem?
Here is the outline of the code.

SMPEG *m1, *m2;

SMPEG_setdisplay(m1, screen, NULL, NULL);

SMPEG_setdisplay(m2, screen, NULL, NULL);

SMPEG_move(m1, 0, 0);
SMPEG_move(m2, 300, 300);




Sizes of m1 and m2 allow them to be played on disjoint portions of screen,
but it is flickering of m2 which is problem.

I have a feeling that I have to call SMPEG_setdisplay() with non-null
call-back function. But I dont know how.

Any ideas,