Please Guide Me


      I am working on an application, which plays single video file. 

I am using SDL and GTK for developing this application.
I have done like this,
-> On top of GTK window, SDL screen is there.
-> The GTK buttons ‘PLAY’ and ‘STOP’, are used to control the video
displayed on the SDL screen.

I’m working on Linux platform, using linux-

Now I need, the application should play multiple video files, at the
same time. Eg, if i need to play four different files, then splitting
the screen into four parts and play. (assuming that all video files are
320x240 width and height).

For each display I need two gtk buttons to control the play.
But I’m not getting how to get multiple SDL screens. How can i get
multiple SDL screens and is it possible to do like that…??
Is there any alternative for that ??

Please Guide Me, Thanks in advance…–
Lohitha R