Pocket PC 2003 keys


I’m trying to work with SDL on pocket pc (Windows Mobile 2003),
I lend MyPal 620A (ASUS), from my friend, becasue i want to try
SDL on it, and when i’m trying to catch key events something is wrong.

I’ve compiled dll from 2 weeks old cvs, and i have problems only with
buttons on the device.

I can catch state of middle button(4direction button/circle ;o),
but only KeyUp and KeyDown Events. like in this code,

            while (SDL_PollEvent(&e))
                    switch (e.type)
                            case SDL_KEYUP: r.x -= 1;
                                            r.y -= 1;


which is working fine. But I can’t discover which button it was.
When I’m trying recognize the value of in SDL_KEYUP label
e.key.keysym.sym, it’s still 0 (same for scancode and unicode).
And when i’m pushing other buttons
nothing happens, nor SDL_KEYUP/SDL_KEYDOWN event.

I’m a newbie in development for mobile devices, before that,
I thought that the middle button is the same as
arrows on PC keyboard, and others buttons have some code.
But now i think, that idea was wrong.
Has somebody any suggestions? Thanks.-------------------------------
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