Port of stars (or Why SDL?)

That’s fine with me… but tell me, what does SDL do that libGGI doesn’t?
I’m curious. I’ve looked at the website, and it doesn’t seem to be
anything more than a libggi knockoff :slight_smile:

A very good question. First, it was done independently – I was only vaguely
aware of GGI when I wrote the first versions. Second, it’s crossplatform to
Win32 and BeOS. Third, it’s geared more as a complete low-level cross-platform
game development library than a graphics library. Fourth, it gives a bit
better control over the window manager and display format. Fifth it doesn’t
try to be low-level driver, but uses existing high-performace graphics and
audio technologies, like GGI, to give the best performance on each supported
platform. Fifth, it has a simpler and more game-oriented API, IMHO.

I would have said it had asynchronous events, but it looks like those will
be going away. :slight_smile:

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at devolution.com)–
Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -