Ported games to OS X have flashing issues (Derek Arndt)

I’ve been trying to port a few SDL games from Linux to OS X (should be
for the most part easy).

After getting them all up and functioning I find that the game(s) seem
to have parts or sprites in the game that refresh. The refresh rates
are slow and very noticeable causing strain on the eyes if trying to
play the game for more then a few moments.

This is an issue I’m not sure how else to explain, if you have the
slightest idea why it’s doing this let me know.

If you get really bad flickering, it’s probably an app that uses
single-buffer fullscreen hardware drawing (SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_HWSURFACE
passed to SDL_SetVideoMode()). To get the best results on Mac OS X, you

a.) SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_SWSURFACE for the best speed OR
CRT displays (requires SDL 1.2.6 or later)