Porting SDL to i.MX21 architecture

Hi!, I’m porting SDL libraries to i.MX21 micro which is an arm9 chip. I
have succesfully compiled the libraries for arm, and placed them
correctly in the chip ram and but there’s a problem with them. When I
flip, there’s a segmentation fault. This makes me think that maybe
there’s no graphic available that SDL libraries may know. I’ve already
got a framebuffer driver in the chip but looks like sdl doesn’t pay
attention to that. So, now, I’m writting a new driver in the sdl
structure which is a the same driver I’ve alredy got but in the
structure of the dummy driver to perform the link between sdl and the
driver. The problem is that this driver needs headers in the linux
kernel and I don’t know if I’m in the correct way.

Thanks for your time,