Porting SDL to LccWin32, Symantec/DigitalMars, Watcom/Scitech

After quite some struggle I ported SDL 1.2.3 (1.2.4 ?) to :

LccWin32 (latest release)
Symantec C/C++ 7.5
DigitalMars C/C++ 8.26
Watcom C/C++ 11.0
Watcom/Scitech C/C++ 11.0c

LccWin32, DigitalMars and Watcom/Scitech are available for free
on the net.

Porting to LccWin32 was the easiest, by far.
Except that for now we can’t use the -O option.
(Problem submitted to Jakob Navia)
Smallest .exe produced, again by far.

For Symantec/DigitalMars It took the longest,
mainly of almost useless doc on the linker
The .exe produced always start a console, the
the graphic window, without border (but with title bar)

For Watcom/Scitech the compile was simple, but here
again the linker was not easy on the nerves.
Compiled with the -bm switch for mutithreading.
Compiled with the -5r and -5s option; the -5r .exe
start and execute OK, but crash at exit time.
(not always, but mostly),
the -5s .exe behave normally.

From this I suspect either a default in my compile/link
parameters, or a slight error in a SDL function definition.
(All compile and link parameters are the same, but -5r or -5s)

In my conditions (PIII 800EB, 768 MB SDRAM 133, ATI Radeon 64DDR,
Win98SE, desktop 1280x1024x32):
testgl.exe gives about 437 fps
testpalette.exe 29-30 fps
testsprite.exe 53-59 fps
for the 5 environments. (each .exe with corresponding .dll/.lib)
Almost no difference in running speed, big difference
in compile/link time and in size of executables.

Total size of the 24 test .exe :
LccWin32 : 198400 (!!!)
DigitalMars : 627360
Symantec : 648342
Watcom/Scitech 11c -5r : 1068544
Watcom/Scitech 11c -5s : 1126912
Watcom 11 -5r : 1086976
Watcom 11 -5s : 1148416

I had to do sight mods to a few sources files
to accomodate the various compilers.

I encountered a lot of hassle about the GUIDs
(something should be done with dinput.h in video/windx5)
(Without talking about using the DX8 SDK files…)

If there is an uploadable address somewhere, I can FTP
the whole thing.


Jean-Pierre H. Dumas