Porting SDL2 to Playdate

I’m taking a stab at porting SDL into the Playdate ecosystem. There was a pull request made here, but it hit a bit of an impasse. I took those changes and made my own repo and can get everything working off of the makefile provided in the mentioned pull request up to the point where it segment faults when the Playdate compiler (pdc) gets involved when trying to create the pdx file used to run games and applications on the device.

user@user-reks:~$ make
detected_OS is "Linux"
mkdir -p build
mkdir -p build/dep
cp build/pdex.elf Source
cp build/pdex.so Source
/home/user/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-2.4.2/bin/pdc -sdkpath /home/user/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-2.4.2 Source gnu.pdx
make: *** [/home/user/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-2.4.2/C_API/buildsupport/common.mk:115: all] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’m using a placeholder main.c, so a core dump isn’t out of the question, but I was wondering if this is the best way to try and compile these libraries for general use, or if I should put efforts into merging it into the ./configure to make platform pipeline? Enscripten uses it’s own methods and it may be the closest analog since according to my understanding of the situation, it would require a similar audio setup since the Playdate console is unable to use multiple threads.