Possible bug in add_timer

iam curios if this is a bug or just a misunderstanding of sdl_addtimer.
if i have one timer everything works fine… if i now add another it seems
that the param of the first timer has changed to the new one… since i
want to use it for animations this is very unpractically

Best Regards

                           PeZ.....(official Programmer from now on)

i could use threads instead and dont have this problem…
a different param for each animation is essential for my project

but the idea of a callback seems to be just perfect for my stuff
because i dont know if thread is really burning no cpu power if i call
and of course i have to do some kind of syncronization every loop … not
very cool…

any help would be great …

Greetings to all sleepless coders out there

                                PeZ (happy to be an programmer)


Me the idiot has just the found the error… its a pointer and i only
have structure which it could point to…
and this structure is changing with every new animation…SORRY

ITS NO BUG … it was my fault…

Cyou Pez