Possible bug in SDL_ttf (or maybe it's the font...)

With a font I’m using I get the top pixel of accented characters cut off for capitals with a two pixel tall accent like Â. This doesn’t happen with Word or another graphics lib I used. I found the problem has to do with SDL storing a yoffset value which the other gfx lib doesn’t do. Anyhow I’m not totally certain what the proper course of action is here because I don’t know if it affects all fonts. I found the following change to fix it though on line 620 of SDL_ttf.c (sdl_ttf 2.0).

cached->yoffset = font->ascent - cached->maxy + 1; // + 1 added, baseline? cuts off pixel without it

I would post the font but I think it now has a commercial license although when I obtained it the site said it was free. It’s a pixel font that is 10 pixels tall so it’s sort of different from many ttfs although FT_IS_SCALABLE is true.

Anyway just posting this here because I’m not sure it’s actually a bug yet.

Oh, another observation I made is that the bottom line of glyphs returned by SDL_ttf is always blank, (no characters that I’ve found reach down that far) another indication that yoffset is incorrect, at least for this font.