Possible fix for "pixel bug in Mac OS X"

Hi there,

I think I may have found a cause of the damning SDL_image “pixel bug” that occurs on Mac OS X and (presumably) iOS when using the ImageIO backend (the default for OSX, iOS platforms). Yes, the issue where the returned pixel data is, in fact, ever so slightly different from the actual underlying data (off by one). I first discovered the bug from the forum thread “Perhaps again? Pixel bug in Mac OS X” and had promised myself ever since that I’d eventually try figuring this problem out …

I guess payback began today ;] I’ve filed a bug report, #2788 at https://bugzilla.libsdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2788 with an attached patch, test case and so forth. I’d like to know if this patch resolves the issue for you; I haven’t tested it at all on iOS, SDL1 or any version of OS X other than 10.10.

Jeffrey Carpenter <@Jeffrey_Carpenter>

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