Problem detecting an steering wheel with sdl

Hi, i’m having some problems with SDL joysticks.
I have a steering wheel, which has 3 axis (the wheel, gas and brake pedal), and 6 buttons in total. Only that. However, SDL is reporting that it has 28 axis and 9 buttons (under linux). In windows, it says it has… 8 axis and 7 buttons IIRC.
The first 3 axis and first 6 buttons work fine, but i don’t why there are more :S
I’ve tried a program, jscalibrator, and it also says there are 28 axis and 9 buttons. Any idea why it’s wrong? Or how can i fix it?

Also, i’m planning to implement force feedback, which is essential for the project i’m working on (motorsport, see sig). For linux there’s libff; i haven’t tried it yet but a friend told me it works with his steering wheel. What should i use under windows? Are there plans to support force feedback platform-independently via SDL?

Thanks for the help!–

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