Problem porting SDL project to MacOSX


I’ve been porting my SDL game to a numerous platforms lately but the Mac OSX
port gave me some frustration.

When I compile my project in Mac OSX (at sourceforge’s compile farm) it
dynamically links in libsdl, libpng, libvorbis, libxml2… etc. and all seems
fine - at the compile farm. When I copy my binary file to a local Mac it
won’t find the dylibs automatically if not the libraries are at the exact same
location as on the compile farm (which they are not). This lead me to use
the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. For this to work I had to
copy all the dylibs from the compile farm - but it worked.

Now I would like to make a bundle (that’s what most people do right?) of my
game - but now I can’t make it find my dylibs inside the bundle (I’ve tried
using the LSEnvironment variable in Info.plist) - no luck.

Looking at other projects I see they usually have no extra libraries in
their bundle… is it possible to link the source static?

Others have Frameworks of libsdl - but I can’t find Frameworks for libpng,
libvorbis, libiconv… etc.

Since I don’t have root access ‘fink’ is of no help. The bundle have to be

How do you Mac OSX game programmers solve this problem?
(I’ve not used anything else than GNU/Linux for many years so I’m completely
new to Mac OSX).

H?kon Skjelten (@Hakon_Skjelten)
Student, Engineering Cybernetics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology