Problem with keyboard under linux


i’m new to both sdl and linux, so this may be something simple, but here’s my problem:

when i set the graphics mode, the keyboard stops responding entirely, unless either numlock or capslock were turned on when i ran the program

it might be worth pointing out that i don’t have a mouse on my machine, so lack of keyboard input is something of a death blow to any program (and even the os)

if anyone has any ideas as to what’s causing this and/or how to fix it, then i’d be very grateful =]

other info that might be useful:

i’m running slackware 9.0 on a k6-2 450mhz, with 128mb ram and an old 8mb ati card, the keyboard is a generic “key plus” affair (102 keys i think) and i’m using the fbcon driver (though i had the same problems with the xserver ati drivers)