Problem with 'push' audio on Android

I expect this is a Chromebook bug rather than something in SDL, but for the record the first time I call SDL_QueueAudio() after opening the device I am seeing the audio buffer being repeatedly (and suddenly) emptied for no obvious reason, and without that sound ever being played.

This happens intermittently for 20 seconds or so, then the system settles down and plays queued audio properly thereafter, until the audio device is closed and reopened again. I’ve never experienced this happening on other Android devices, or other platforms in general.

I’ve tried various workarounds, such as queuing less or more audio, but nothing seems to make any difference. It just seems to be unstable for a few seconds, during which it keeps dumping the contents of the audio buffer.

Sadly it looks as though this may not be specific to the Chromebook after all, as I’m now experiencing something similar on another (conventional) Android device. So maybe there is an SDL2 involvement after all, because the problem seems to have arisen after I updated my app from 2.0.10 to 2.26.2.

Are there any known issues with using SDL_QueueAudio() in 2.26.2 on Android?

Looks like this might be related to resampling, because the problem is solved on one Android device, and improved on another, if I change the sampling rate I’m using from 22,050 Hz to 44,100 Hz.