Problem with SDL-based yuv player on embedded system

I’m now trying to cross-compile a SDL-based YUV player on a S3C2410(ARM9)
I have cross-compiled the SDL-1.2.11 and the YUV player successfully.
The sample YUV file I play is in QCIF(176x144) format, while the LCD area
is 640x480.

When I run the application on the ARM borad like ‘./player -s 176x144
test.yuv’ ,the LCD turns white for about 10 seconds and then turns totally
dark. When I change the command line to ‘./player -s 640x480 test.yuv’,
which means a full screen show, there are lines in different colors shown on
LCD (but at least there is sth that I could see). By the way, right now I
just execute the command line directly using minicom.

The fact is I could play this in desktop Linux in any format use parameter
’-s XxY’, so I wanna achieve this on embedded system too. What should I do
to make it? Do I have to link the SDL-based player to the qt/e gui? for
instance, double click a button on the screen then activate the player just
like on desktop Linux?

For further information:
You can download it from this link, or you can search “yay yuv viewer” via
google to get information about it. Anyway, I think it is a very nice

Sorry for the poor English. Thanks for ur time.–
Sichuan University