Problem with SDL_ttf.h more especific

Hi everybody:

Well, my problem now is with the use of the library SDL_ttf.h, i’m working on
linux debian 5 programing on C++, i have install all the SDL library including
SDL_ttf, now,
inside the code of my game I include SDL_ttf.h, #include SDL_ttf.h, that don’t
give me any problem
but when i going to initialize the TTF with the function TTF_Init(), the
compliler tell me

undefined reference to `TTF_Init’

but If I invent anything in the function for example i put this


the linker tell me

error: too many arguments to function ‘int TTF_Init()’

that means that, the linker is recognizing the library SDL_ttf.h and
especially the funtion TTF_Init();

but when i use either the TTF_Init() funtion, happen the first i said.
at this point i don’t know why are happening this,

could anybody tell what is going on.

gratings for everybody…_______________________________________________
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