Problem with testing 1.3

I built and installed sdl 1.3 from svn. When I run any of the test
programs the entire screen goes black. The cursor is still there and it
changes shape as I move it, as if the other windows are still on the
screen. If I click on one of the non-visible windows so that the test
window is completely or partially covered, the desk top become visible
again. If I fiddle around with windows enough I can some time get the
test window to be visible. I was able to do that with both of the sprite

When I run testvidinfo it tells me there are no available fullscreen
modes. When I run testsprite -fullscreen I get

Couldn’t set 640x480 video mode: No video mode large enough for

Which seems reasonsable :slight_smile:

Oh well, I am running ubuntu 6.10 with nvidia drivers and all current
patches applied. I am on a 1280x1024 LCD monitor. Anything pop out at

	Bob Pendleton--