Problems linking in VC++ 6

I am having “issues” compiling some of the DLLs for the additional libraries
in VC++ 6. We started a SIGGAME (Special Intrest Group Game) here –
perhaps the first. We are planning on using the SDL for our little project
we are making, but we are having problems compiling some… they don’t seem
to work properly.

I am using SDL, SDLnet, SDLimage, SMPEG, SDLmixer, and SDLconsole (which has
not worked at all). We’d like to add SDLttf too, if possible. The issues
we have been having is that the functions in the libraries don’t seem to run
well… only those in the SDL (tried image and net).

Any ideas how to fix this? All were grabbed off the and were
compiled using the non-CVS sources.

Joe Tennies