Problems on init compile using VC++

I’ve linked everything together right in my projects properties, but when I try to compile, it tries to bulid symbols using windows’ dll’s. When it does that, it states next to the corresponding dll, “Cannot find or open the PDB file”. I understand that it’s looking for debug files, but I have no clue how to either suppress these warnings or solve them. I also have seen in other places people talking about running openGL or directX along with SDL, so does SDL require one of these as a dependency or… IDK. Can’t think anymore. pls send help.

Don’t worry about the missing debugging symbols of the Windows DLLs. They are only necessary if you want to debug an issue with that DLL itself.

If you want to download the PDBs for these files anyway, you can tell Visual Studio to download them from the Microsoft servers. For Visual Studio 2017, open the Tools menu and select Options. In the new dialog window expand the Debugging item in the list on the left and select Symbols. There you can enable the Microsoft Symbol Server. You can also select a path where it caches the files. Note that it will probably have to download over a 100 MB the first time. This may take some time.