Problems with glut and sdl on MacOSX


I try to port a linux application to MacOSX. This app uses Glut as an
interface but needs the library SDL_image for reading image files. It
works perfectly under Linux and even Windows.

No I try it under MacOSX and installed SDL there (compiled it from
sources). However, whenever I try to use Glut as an iterface and link
SDL and SDL_image, it does compile, but when executing the program, I
get the following warning:

2006-03-08 21:08:08.338 test[29843] GLUT Warning: glutInit being called
a second time.

For testing purposes I did this in a small prog where no SDL was needed,
but even there, as soon as I link against SDL, I get this warning, and
no glut window is visible. When I don’t link against SDL, the glut
window is there.

So, does SDL invoke glutInit under MacOSX? And if so, any idea how I can
switch this off or circumvent this problem?

Thanks a lot,