Problems with SDL_ttf and unicode (using xerces)


(Some insight in xerces might be needed to be able to help me)

I use xerces to parse a config file to extract strings so that I can support
different languages.
It basicly looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Slut p? minne Filen hittas inte

As u can see I use UTF-8 encoding beacuse I want to be able to support all
kinds of goofy charaters. Now, since I haven’t been working with unicode
before I’m really confused and it only get’s worse. Here’s a bit of the code
I use to read the strings from the file…

The argument pNodes is a DOMNodeList with all the Phrase tags

void Unicode::ReadStrings(DOMNodeList* pNodes)
bool found_language = false;
DOMCharacterData* child;
DOMElement* attribute;

int node_list_length = pNodes->getLength();
for (int i = 0; i < node_list_length; ++i)
// This is used to get the key value
attribute = dynamic_cast<DOMElement*>(pNodes->item(i));

   // This is used to get the string that corresponds to the key
  child =

  if (child != NULL)
     string key = AutoXMLCh(attribute->getAttribute(AutoXMLCh("key")));
     cout << "Key: " << key << endl;

     string text_string = XMLString::transcode(child->getData());

      //Here I put the string and it's key value in a map so I can get 

it later
AddString(key, text_string);
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