Problems with SDLjava

Greetings Henrik,

Sounds like the version of SDL gfx is not compatible. What version are
you using? You should try to stick with 2.0.13 if your not using it.

Regarding the mouse there is a method like so in SDL but I have not
implemeted it. I will add it soon:


  • Toggle whether or not the cursor is shown on the screen.
  • The cursor start off displayed, but can be turned off.
  • SDL_ShowCursor() returns 1 if the cursor was being displayed
  • before the call, or 0 if it was not. You can query the current
  • state by passing a ‘toggle’ value of -1.
    extern DECLSPEC int SDLCALL SDL_ShowCursor(int toggle);


Henrik Huttunen wrote:> Hi,

I’ve been developing a game for my school project and I’ve got some
problems. It would be nice if you could answer them.
First, I can’t use SDL_gfx, because it fails at initialization:
"Native code library failed to load.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\SDLJava\lib\SDLJava_gfx.dll: A
dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed"
It seems I can’t find sdl_gfx.dll that matches with (newest version
of) sdljava. Could you post it to me via email?
Or is this other problem than that?

The second thing is that I can’t hide mouse cursor and it is somewhat
annying. In JSDL there is in video-package showCursor-method, but in
sdljava there’s only the states DISABLE and ENABLE…could you say
what to do to hide it with concrete code…

Thanks in advance!

Henrik Huttunen