Programmer for SDL-related project

(Hope this is acceptable to post here…otherwise

If any of you guys on the SDL list are interested
(before this hits Monster or other job sites):

The company I work for is looking for a developer to
help out on an SDL-based project. (It would be paid
freelance/contract work.) Development is in Linux.
Good knowledge of C (c++ not necessary), Real-time
audio experience (low-level, like sequencing, mixing,
etc) is a big plus. They’ll probably also look at
experience with resource-limited devices or
environments, but intros and demos or stuff like that
is probably just as good. Any hand-held or console
game work as well. I think the only other requirement
is that the person be over 18 (so they can be bound by
contract) and the country the person lives in if
outside the U.S. have a copyright agreement with the
U.S. (or something like that.)

The guy to contact is: shaun at