Project does not work in other computers

Hello evryone.

I just finished making my first project using SDL in Visual Studio. The executable works fine in my pc, but I’m having some trouble running the .exe file in other computers.
A while ago I was trying to run the project on another pc, but it was warning me that it couldn’t find certain dll files. Only recently I learned that I’m supposed to put all the necessary dll files in the same directory of the original .exe file. However, when I to run it on that pc after adding all the files, it also didn’t work. This time it didn’t show any error messanges. It just popped the sdl window and then vanished without doing what it was intended to do.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Normally Visual Studio installs redistributables - extra dll’s. Hope that ain’t the case for you when you run on other non-developer PC.

In addition, do you have Debug build or release?

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I tried both methods. Debug and release, and both of them have the same behavior.

There is one tool comes to my mind:

Dependency Walker 2.2

It allows to load “exe”-table and see its dependencies as DLL.
As well to load “dll” and see its dependencies - that might give some light if missing a DLL on that PC.

Assuming, DirectX/OpenGL/video drivers are all fine on that PC.

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You need to install the VC++ redistributables on the other computer.

And also be sure to check status returned by various SDL functions for errors.

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