Project Twilight v0.1.0 Released!

Project Twilight v0.1.0 Released!

We’re proud to announce first public release of Project Twilight! It has
taken us two months to whip Quake® and QuakeWorld® into shape. We’re
also pleased to note this release is nearly 100% compatible with previous
binaries released by Id Software. We can only say nearly 100% compatible
because we’ve improved gamma support, which works differently now than it
used to. We apologize for this greivous incompatibility. :wink:

You can get it at under the releases link.

Other enhancements over the OpenGL releases:

  • Colored lighting
  • Support for playing from read-only filesystems
  • Fullbrights
  • Model interpolation
  • Skyboxes
  • Large pile of bugfixes

Please see the file NEWS for a list of changes. Builds on Linux and Win32
systems and can be considered 75% for the games page, and we’re looking
for someone who can do Mac stuff (OSX especially!) This release still
uses native sound code, but only because we didn’t want to hold up the
release another week or two while I finished up the SDL sound code.

Everyone is encouraged to download and “test” this release extensively, it
seems very stable, but being our first release we do expect to be on a mad
bug-hunting spree shortly.–
Joseph Carter Free software developer

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As one of the devlopers, I might also add that these features are also present:

  • Improved shadows
  • Improved tab completion (ala bash columnar completion list style)
  • Improved console editing
  • Improved texture quality
  • 32bit Color (RGBA lightmaps that work!)
  • Controllable underwater ‘warping’ (r_waterwarp 0 disabled, 8 id default)
  • Fullbright Textures for BModels/Models
  • Uses SDL for almost everything!

It’s been great working with SDL. It has allowed both our win32 and linux
developrs to develop simultaneously with very little lag time between
twilight compiling/working on both platforms (barring system include and
_strcmpi, etc. stuff). SDL is also providing us with a great way to
standardize our variable types and help eliminate endianess problems from our
code. It has also allowed us to have a much cleaner interface to the system.

I’m sure I speak for our entire team when I say that the time and energy that
SDL contributors have given to the SDL project is invaluable, and that projects
like this one only validate the idea behind the ‘open source’ community. I know
everyone on this list is truly grateful to Sam for his organization and
continuing work/support of this project which I’m sure is a labor of love :slight_smile:

And Kudos to our team members who have contributed their time and energy as well
to Project Twilight…

-EvilTypeGuyOn Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 09:46:14AM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

Project Twilight v0.1.0 Released!
You can get it at under the releases link.
Other enhancements over the OpenGL releases: