Proper use of SID's and LDAPon dc's?

I have two samba dc’s, same subnet, the goal is to have them both be
able to answer domain login requests and therefore if one goes down we
still have the ability to login to the domain. Can this be done with
samba? if so could you just tell me generally the procedure for this?
heres what I have right now.

server1, openldap master, samba points to loopback for ldap
server2, openldap replica, samba points to loopback, but to server1 for

I figured that would about do it, however then I see in the smbldap.conf
for the idealx scripts it says

Notes: to use to dual ldap servers backend for Samba, you must patch

Samba with the dual-head patch from IDEALX. If not using this patch

just use the same server for slaveLDAP and masterLDAP.

I am using the latest stable of samba, is that patch included? is that
something i have to worry about? I searched all over the net, and I
found several asking the question but found no answers.

Lastly I think my sid’s are messed up a bit. My understanding is that
all dc’s should have the same local sid, and that the local sid as
entered by net setlocalsid, will be the domain’s sid. Correct?
Regardless I think I have an issue here, have a look…

on server1:
[root at server1 samba]# net getlocalsid server1
SID for domain SERVER1 is: S-1-5-21-1624854736-2567889874-1153258394
[root at server1 samba]# net getlocalsid server2
[2005/11/02 00:16:17, 0] utils/net.c:net_getlocalsid(494)
Can’t fetch domain SID for name: server2

on server2:
[root at server2 samba]# net getlocalsid server1
SID for domain server1 is: S-1-5-21-3030423605-2090081018-3134100962
[root at server2 samba]# net getlocalsid server2
SID for domain server2 is: S-1-5-21-1624854736-2567889874-1153258394

so why is it that I can not query the localsid for server2 from server1,
and that it reports some other sid on the other box for server1?

I should mention that server2 is the wins server, and server1 has a
"wins server = ipofserver2" in its config. Domain logins work fine when
workstations authenticate to server2, they dont seem to work at all when
going to 1. They used to, but something got jacked up and several things
I don’t think were ever quite right.

Thanks, I hope you guys can straighten me out a bit.–
Matt Pruett <@Matt_Pruett>