Proposition for SDL_math, the author speaks out

Hi, once again.
You don’t see me defending too much SDL_math because I
can only see my mail from time to time, and then only
reply to a few mails.

I think that the discussion is a way off what I original
intented. When I thought about it I was thinking about
creating a math library specilized in 2D and 3D math, namely
matrix and vector manipulations, and that’s it. I don’t
intend to develop a math library to compete with Linpak, or
Blitz++, or whatever.

The idea of calling it SDL_math was because I thought that
it would be nice having some math support in SDL, as NVidia
has in its NVToolkit. The C choice only appeared because SDL
is coded in C, nothing more. I would rather use C++.

Reading all the posts has been very instructive, because
I got some new ideas and gave up on others.

So the name SDL_math isn’t a good one because there aren’t
any dependecies to it.
Since I rather use C++ over C, and I won’t call it SDL_math
then I will use C++.
It will only support operations over points, vectors and matrices
in 2D/3D space, with the possibility of using homogeneous coordinates.

Thanks for the discussion it was very helpfull.–
Paulo Pinto, uRD Software Engineer
Altitude Software (formerly Easyphone)

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