Pure lua for game dev?

So I am new to programming and I only know basic PHP/sql, anyways I was looking to see if there was a language made really well for games, like how php is made mainly for the web, easy to dive in. So someone mentioend LUA and how its good for games, and on the sony psp you can use pure lua for games via luaplayer www.luaplayer.org , so I checked if there was lua for gameboy advance and someone said yes there is, but it doesnt have the functions for graphics and utilizing gba hardware, and he said I would have to write the functions in C to be able to do this. Anyways so I thought maybe I can learn lua and make games for freebsd. But now my question is that …yes lua is available for freebsd, but does it have the fucntions for gaming stuff, like graphics and sound? I asked a friend , and he just mentioned SDL. So i checked the site and it some graphics/sound or something library, and it has a lua version or something. So to make games for freebsd using pure lua, would I
use lua and sdl for lua, and I would be able to use pure lua, and have gaming functions available to me via the sdl lib? Thanks!-------------------------