Pygame-1.2 Released

Pygame 1.2
Python Game Development

Released September 4th, 2001

Pete “ShredWheat” Shinners
pete at

Pygame is a set of python modules written to help create games in
Python. The package is wrapped around SDL and several of the SDL
daughter libraries. There are currently several released open source
games and applications built with Pygame. Version 1.2 adds new features
with a lot of effort going into solidifying the core.

Highlights of Pygame features are listed:

  • MPEG1 movie playback (NEW)
  • Extended drawing primitives, like Ellipse and Polygon (NEW)
  • Hardware accelerated framebuffers, with pixel access
  • Many file formats: jpg, png, gif, mp3, ogg, mod, and more
  • Full OpenGL support through pyopengl
  • Antialiased Truetype font rendering
  • Multiple sound channel mixer
  • CDROM support with audio playback
  • Joystick input handling

The package also comes with complete documentation, tutorials, and many
playable examples. There is an active mailing list and IRC channel,
which makes getting started much more accessable.

Learn more about the different pygame projects finished and in
development from the Projects Page.

SDL is a cross-platform media library. SDL is currently used for many
commercial and open source game projects. Pygame takes SDL’s C interface
and turns it into a more pythonic package. With objects, exceptions, and
other utility modules. Visit the SDL homepage for more.

Aside from compiling and installing from source, there is also a full
installer for Windows. RPM support for Linux. Separate DEB and
unofficial apt repository for Debian. An active FreeBSD port is
available. Expect the BeOS and Mac compiled packages to be available soon.

Pygame is distributed under the LGPL licese, which is the same license
used by many its dependencies._______________________________________________
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