Pygame 1.5 Released

Pygame, game development for python

Pygame 1.5 released on May 32, 2002
Pete Shinners (pete at

Pygame is a set of python modules written to help create games in
Python. It allows for the creation of high quality games, yet
simple enough for the beginning user to get started immediately.

Version 1.5 adds many features to the audio modules. Stereo panning,
music playback control, and realtime sound effects are top features.
There is a wide range of other enhancements; alpha preserving blits,
gamma ramp control, TGA image saving. Pygame also comes with a new
playable example, “uberball”.

For those new to the pygame library, it includes:

  • fullscreen or windowed framebuffer
  • multiple audio channel mixing, with streaming music
  • control of joystick, cdrom, mouse, and keyboard devices
  • antialiased truetype font rendering
  • variety of media formats: png, jpg, ogg, mp3, mod, and more

The pygame package also comes with complete documentation,
tutorials, and many playable examples. There is both an active
mailing list and irc channel available to help people get started.

Pygame is distributed under the LGPL licese, which is the same
license used by many its dependencies.

Very cool.

There’s only one thing I’ve wished Pygame had, that being a way to easily
shove the interpretter into the graphics screen for development. (Might
have to do this in OpenGL to get acceptable performance out of it, but if
I were to sit down and try to do this, it’s probably what I’d do anyway…)

Yes, I think that sounds like a fun project if ever I have a bit of time
to spend on it. Something vaguely resembling logo in function, but with
3D vector math and the ability to work with Python’s object structure. I
can almost envision turning a framework like that into a highly scriptable
modeller… (Not all of us can afford or even need the features of Maya
after all.)On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 11:53:45AM -0700, Pete Shinners wrote:

Pygame, game development for python

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