Pygame with SDL2 and SDL1


we have a branch with SDL2 support for pygame for the last couple of years. But that required people compiling it themselves, or for the maintainers to apply the patches.

Now we’re going to try and do releases that support both with conditional compilation from one branch. So that people don’t need to find the other branch, and so it’s easier for us to maintain.

We have compatibility code so that the pygame API remains the same. New SDL2 APIs are being added separately. If anyone has done any other compatibility work for people migrating from SDL1, please let us know? Happy to join forces there with other groups, or even share quirks and work arounds.

The merging work is going on this github branch. The first step is adding patches, and then getting our build bots to apply the patches and test it. Second work is to slowly merge them into the same code base in a nice way.


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