PySDL2 0.9.3 released

PySDL2 0.9.3 has been released.

PySDL2 is a wrapper around the SDL2 library and as such similar to the
discontinued PySDL project. In contrast to PySDL, it has no licensing
restrictions, nor does it rely on C code, but uses ctypes instead.

Version 0.9.3 is a small feature release, which comes with the following

  • new sdl2.ext.Renderer.scale attribute, which denotes the horizontal and
    vertical drawing scale
  • new sdl2.ext.point_on_line() function to test, if a point lies on a line
  • PYSDL2_DLL_PATH can contain multiple paths separated by os.pathsep to
    search for the libraries now
  • sdl2.ext.get_image_formats() only returns BMP image support now, if
    SDL2_image and PIL are not found
  • sdl2.ext.load_image() tries to use sdl2.SDL_LoadBMP() now, if SDL2_image
    and PIL are not found
  • fixed issue #55: sdl2.SDL_GameControllerAddMappingsFromFile() does not
    raise a TypeError for Python 3.x anymore
  • fixed issue #56: sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_line() and
    sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_point() handle multiple lines (or points) as
    arguments properly now
  • fixed issue #57: if SDL2_image is not installed and PIL is used, the
    loaded pixel buffer of the image file is not referenced anymore after
    returning from sdl2.ext.load_image(), causing random segmentation faults
  • fixed issue #58: raise a proper error, if sdl2.ext.FontManager.render()
    could not render a text surface
  • fixed issue #59: The sdl2.ext.TextureSpriteRenderSystem.sdlrenderer
    attribute is correctly documented now
  • fixed a local variable and module name collision in

You can download it from
The documentation, listing all of its features, can be browsed online at

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