Python application crashes on Windows Vista 64 bit

Hello SDL crew. I’m a developer working on an open source game who’s working title is PARPG. We code our game in Python but interface with the C++ coded game engine with SWIG. The game engine uses some SDL functionality for graphics and sound. I’m not very familiar with the specifics but I’ve made some observations that I’m hoping you could help with.

On my Windows Vista 64 bit dev environment the game would always crash on exit. I managed to trace the crash back to the “SDL_QuitSubSystem(SDL_INIT_VIDEO)” call made by the game engine. The interesting thing is that if I use an “SDL.dll” version that I build on my local machine I will no longer see the crash occur. It only occurs when using the DLL that you provide on your download page. We are currently using version 1.2.14. This seems to indicate that there is some 64-bit incompatibility in the current distribution. The crash has only been noticed on Windows Vista 64 bit. We have multiple linux devs as well as windows XP devs who have not seen this issue. (I can’t verify if anyone has tried this on XP 64 bit).

Could you help me resolve this issue? Let me know if you need any other information.