[Q] About window maximization


I patched the test program graywin (patch attached) to add the possibility
to resize the window. Maybe this is something that would have to be done
to all SDL test programs. I know that games in general just have windowed
or fullscreen state, but resizing a window could suit vector-graphics
programs, like OpenGL ones.

I tested it on Linux, and clicking the ‘maximize’ button twice don’t
revert the window size to its previous size (before maximization), like
most applications behave with window managers (this was with KDE2).

As the SDL_RESIZABLE feature is present, I think it needs to be tested,
and maybe people have a different view on the behaviour when you click
’maximize’ when the window is already maximized:

  • revert back to previous unmaximized size
  • do nothing, we are already maximized, you fool
  • go fullscreen ? But people want maximized window, not fullscreen,
    and how to revert back to windowed state ?–
    Patrice Mandin
    WWW: http://membres.lycos.fr/pmandin/
    Programmeur Linux, Atari
    Sp?cialit?: D?veloppement, jeux

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