Qt and SDL_PushEvent - strange problems

I managed to put SDL_surface in a Qt widget and I also translated Qt mouse
motion events into SDL_Events. The Qt widget which ‘owns’ the SDL surface
sends these translated events to the SDL part of my application through the
message queue. After receiving the event, the SDL part calls SDL_PushEvent().

Problem: when I tried this, nothing happened. But when I left the SDL surface
in a separate window (as it was before), it worked (I mean that in the Qt
window I moved the mouse and in the SDL window I saw somer esponse). But
after that I realised that it is still quite strange: I have to move the
mouse over the SDL window first and then I can move over the Qt window with
the right effect. Otherwise the SDL part doesn’t respond to the events (but
it receives them allright).

Does anyone have any idea about it?

V. Toman–
Vojtech Toman