Qt + SDL - OT, sorry

sorry this is OT, but couldn’t resist a comment after talking to a QT guy at LinuxWorld:

Sean Middleditch wrote:

I’d also point out I’m firmly against any such official dependency on Qt

for SDL, since I can’t stand Qt at all

QT seems OK (looks OK), but way overpriced IMNSHO.

For $500 or so, I can buy Visual C++, use it to link executables any way I want to, & sell the resulting executable including all required runtime
libraries as part of the package (either linked in or as DLLs), using MFC or pure Win32 (prefer the latter these days). Not a bad deal if you want to
target Windows.

For much less - just a GUI toolkit (no IDE, compiler, blah blah) the QT guys want $1500 if you use it in a commercial product!! Cross platform it
may be, but I’d prefer to use my own Windows code, thanks… For AlteredSaver I therefore used GTK, and found it perfectly reasonable to use. If a
single platform QT license was more like $250, then it might be a bit more attractive, but right now it seems like a rip-off!

Tom Gilbert