Question about building SDL on microwindow


I try to build SDL on microwindow0.89pre8 which builded with framebuffer,and
I have read the README.NanoX.
According to README, I fix /microwindow/src/nanox/client.c ,
insert nxSocket = -1 after close(nxSocket) in GrClose().
And I add --disable-nanox-direct-fb when configure.
(I can’t find microwindow0.89pre9 ,and I have 0.89pre8 and 9.0
but no 0.89pre9… )

When I make SDL , I got error message :

SDL_nxevents.c: In function NX_PumpEvents': SDL_nxevents.c:351:GR_UPDATE_REPARENT’ undeclared (first use in this
function)SDL_nxevents.c:351: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
SDL_nxevents.c:351: for each function it appears in.)

what’s the problem?