Question about mingw and sdl2_gfx

hello, quick question.

im using codeblocks to make and sdl2 app, and so I need to use the gfx library for some stuff, i already build and DLL and .a files from the sources, but when i tried to use the library in my project every function i tried to use returns with

“error: ‘rectangleColor’ was not declared in this scope|” , kind of error.

i guess is because of the conditions of the SDL2_GFXPRIMITIVES_SCOPE, but anyway im kind of lost, is there any example or tutorial in how to use gfx with SDL2 on codeblocks (mingw), any guidance would be much appreciated,

thanks a lot for your time.

define DLL_EXPORT for when compiling SDL2_gfx (i.e. creating the DLL)
define LIBSDL2_GFX_DLL_IMPORT when compiling your app (i.e. linking to the DLL)

solved this for me.

Have you tried an SDL2 example? Have you tried precompiled DLL downloaded
from SDL?