Question about SDL_ttf and Unicode


Recently, there is an Unicode problem when I use SDL_ttf.(my English is poor.
Forgive me!)

There are three funcs I can use to display text. And following is what I found:

TTF_RenderText_Solid -> for ASCII
TTF_RenderUTF8_Solid -> works only in Linux
TTF_RenderUNICODE_Solid -> works only in Windows

Is there any code to use just one func to display Chinese character in both
Linux and Windows, or I must use:

#ifdef some macro
In Windows, use TTF_RenderUNICODE_Solid

#ifdef some macro
In Linux, use TTF_RenderUTF8_Solid

And I have a guess that whether the two different funcs _UNICODE and
_UTF8 are just for using the correct one in certain OS.(use _UNICODE for win,
use _UTF8 for linux). Am I right?

By the way, I can’t open, where I can get the documents of
SDL_ttf, SDL_image, SDL_net, SDL_mixer. Could you send them to me.

Thx a lot here first.