Question: SDL2 -> OpenGL Context -> Still use SDL2 API?

My question:
Is there is a way to tell SDL2 to use an OpenGL context, and yet still be able use SDL2 Surface, Functions and Textures for updating and rendering.

I ask this because I want to take advance in SDL2 of OpenGL features like Antialiasing and Multi-sampling yet, still use SDL2 Surfaces and Textures API without coding everything in GL functions.

However, everything I look at only allows mentions mult–sampling and such opengl features if you use specific OpenGL context, then use Specific OpenGL coding and functions like GL textures, GL hint, and all functions with GL which are not SDL2 API specific.

To me this kinda takes away from a high level API if you want to use SDL2 Functions, Textures and Renderers which are easier to use.

Any advice or practical examples on this would be golden! Thanks for reading.

I would suggest looking into SDL_gpu instead of the SDL2 renderer.