Questions about inGame Menus in OpenGL/SDL - more detail

Hello and thanks for your quick reply!

Well I’m not certain just what exactly you are searching for here. But there
are several toolkits that you can use for in game menu. For instance SDL
console ( which will allow you to use a
Quake like console within your app. There is also ParaGUI
( which is a real need GUI kit that you can use in
conjunction with any SDL application. SDL_gui
( is also very nice.

The last two links you gave me were more in the area that I wanted. I think they
will help me! But I’ll explain better what I want:

I’m trying to implement an interaction model with 3D world objects similar to
Neverwinter Nights (that is: you right click on a model in the world and a
number of possible interactions appear around the object - like an ingame menu
-> or maybe I’m lacking a better word for it), and I’m planning to control the
mouse with the SDL library.

These interaction could be represented on a first build with buttons so I think
the links you gave me should prove useful, but I’m always looking for more :wink:

Anyhow good luck, and have fun :).

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ant?nio Pedro Melo Alvim